Success Stories

"I hired Debbie as a Leadership Coach in the hopes of enhancing my leadership abilities. Facilitating growth through uncovering my own hidden perceptions helped me to better understand the challenges I faced in leadership. With her support and partnership, I was able to uncover new perspectives and develop action plans that have unlocked my potential to be a successful leader. I have learned how to effectively communicate with my team and address those difficult situations I used to avoid. Not only have I gained greater trust and respect from my team, but my confidence in how I approach these situations has significantly increased with Debbie’s coaching."
"I think had I not met with you and signed up for that [July group] class, bringing clarity to the chaos of my life, I probably wouldn’t be where I’m at today. You helped me organize my thoughts and see my true potential. It’s crazy when you are used to 60 hour weeks and go to only working a few days a week. I don’t know what to do with myself some days! It’s nice to slow down and breathe for once. You are a true gem - Thank you for everything!! "
 Business Owner


“We engaged Debbie to work with our team here at SHR to align our strengths, increase collaboration, and provide world-class service. A year later, we’re still realizing results. This was one of the best investments we have ever made.”

"Debbie’s encouragement through our Life [and Leadership] Coaching engagement has been so helpful so far! When I find myself in situations where I would normally stress out, I face the challenge calmly and confidently. I truly believe it’s because Debbie has helped me be more patient with and accepting of myself. For that, I’m so appreciative!!"
"Debbie brings her real-world corporate experience to a discussion that can help most anyone identify and take steps to overcome the barriers to work performance and happiness.”
Chief Communications Officer

"Debbie’s deep knowledge of business strategy aligned with people strategy is impressive.  She always has a new, unique perspective on business and how to lead people through even the most trying times. 

I enjoy our deep and meaningful conversations as I become a better version of ‘me’ every time.  Her heart and compassion are seen in all she does – especially when she’s challenging her clients to think bigger!"

Rae Greenip

Chief Executive Officer and 
The Customer Relationship Solutionist