Values and Guiding Behaviors

Values, both personal and organizational, seem to be a major focus as we begin wrapping up 2020.  Many of the clients I work with have asked to revisit their organizational values to ensure they are still appropriate as we all head into another year. 

2020 has impacted the minds – and hearts – of many executives, and they are realizing that something needs to change.  “Having values” is more than words or phrases hanging on a wall; our values need to be seen in the workforce.

A survey conducted by a colleague, Mary Lee Gannon, netted the following quotes from participating CEOs.   Interesting is the underlying theme of these quotes: the CEOs identified the values expected in leadership as well as the corresponding guiding behaviors.  

  • When we focus on what we have to give instead of what there is to get, we realize our value.
  • When we can look ourselves in the eye and not expect to be perfect, we give ourselves room to be human and walk in the shoes of others. When we try on a lot of different shoes, we become grateful that they are not all the same size.
  • Executive presence is the ability to observe yourself from a third-party perspective and admire what you see.

I also found this survey quote interesting… and quite telling of the possible values (or lack thereof) in that organization:

  • Narcissistic leaders thrive on keeping their teams in chaos and fear so that nobody notices their ineptness. Stay off their radar screen by making sure they know you have their back, giving them all the glory and presenting your work with confidence so they can trust it.

Why would an organization tolerate narcissistic leaders (an oxymoron in itself)?  You cannot be a leader and be narcissistic.   

A completely opposing quote below reflects the right attitude and approach to what real leadership is:

  • When we are curious and compassionate, we become servant leaders instead of command and control tyrants. 

Take a moment to reflect upon how your organization lived out its values this year.  What behaviors did you tolerate due to the chaos and uncertainty? 

Use the remainder of this month to jot down what your organization did well, as well as the lessons learned, through this pivotal year. 

What would you like to replicate and take with you into 2021?  What would you like to change?  Where are the opportunities that will drive greater growth of your business, as well as greater development of the values and guiding behaviors of your leaders and staff?  

Are you ready to launch into the new year or are you unsure of what the year will bring?

Whenever you’re ready to take the next step, let’s chat.


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