Emotional Intelligence and Exploration

In this series of articles around Emotional Intelligence, we discussed how to ask for a response, how to ask for clarification, and how to ask the other person to elaborate.  For easy reference, these newsletters can be found here (Response, Clarify, and Elaborate).  

Today’s topic takes us to another side of the conversation. What about when you want them to think outside the box or explore a topic in greater detail?

As previously discussed, the first two facets of receiving information are What you hear and why it’s important to you.  Even the best active listeners don’t always glean everything they need to know the first time through the information.  Asking for clarification and elaboration on the subject can provide opportunities to delve deeper into the topic to uncover new options.  Questioning those things left unspoken, unaddressed, or not yet considered may help identify solutions that bring closure to the issue at hand.  

  • What is here that we want to explore?
  • What part of the situation have we not yet explored?
  • What other angles can you think of?
  • What are our other options?
  • What assumptions can we let go of?
  • What’s the best outcome we can imagine?

The next time someone shares information with you, be curious and ask them to join you in exploring further ideas and thoughts.  Curiosity is key and brainstorming all aspects of a situation may provide a solution otherwise unseen.

Begin to create a sense of trust, respect, and importance by engaging the person in the other half of the conversation.  Mutual exploration provides a foundation on which both people can stand and build. Your interest in details important to the other person speaks volumes about your integrity, especially when you’re entrusted to do something with the information being communicated.

All parties having a crystal-clear understanding of the discussion and intended outcome is the best way to leave a conversation.  As you make this a habit, you may be surprised at how well your relationships grow!

As I grow my knowledge in EQ and communication, I regularly see that not all leaders are great communicators.  Yet, all leaders certainly can become great communicators, particularly when they believe that communication includes giving, receiving, understanding, and exploring the words being shared. 

I’ve helped hundreds of leaders just like you lean into their emotional intelligence.  It requires stepping into the realm of uncomfortableness, and most of the leaders will say that it was not easy. It’s also not always immediately successful.  Yet, every one of them who tried a new and unique approach to bridging the communication gap realized a more trusting and respectful relationship.

Need an external source to help you become inquisitive and step into your own EQ?  Let’s chat.

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