TRULY HUMAN NOTICE… I noticed these three words at the end of an email signature line, and it caused me to pause and actually read the rest.

What I liked about this “notice” is that it intentionally serves the reader of the email and gives permission to the reader to take the action that best suits the reader’s schedule.

What was the remainder of the notice?

“Getting this email out of regular working hours? We work at a digitally enabled relentless pace, which can disrupt our ability to sleep enough, eat right, exercise, and spend time with the people that matter most. I am sending you this email at a time that works for me. I only expect you to respond to it when convenient to you.” Credit given to Sandy Carter

How do we put this into action?

  • Learn to give grace.
    • For yourself – Take the advice and “respond when convenient” for you. You do not have to be “on” 24/7.
    • For others – Heed the advice and allow others to “respond when convenient” for them. They aren’t “on” 24/7 either.
  • Learn to give permission.
    • For yourself – You do not have to respond immediately. What you need to do is respond timely.  These can be mutually exclusive.
    • For others – Don’t be offended if someone doesn’t respond immediately. Your expectation should be for them to respond timely.

You may notice a similarity in this advice for both yourself and others.  That is both natural and intentional. And although this sounds easy enough, I won’t pretend that it is.  Cell phones and other technologies are at our fingertips, and it’s so very tempting.

We change our habits by our actions.  Leave the phone in another room.  Schedule “down time” during windows that work best for you to engage in non-technology actions – like having a no-phone-zone dinner, watching TV without the iPad on your lap (or in the same room), or sitting outside and enjoying nature. 

Give yourself grace as you put new behaviors into place.  Engage the influence, help, and support of others.

Give yourself permission to try something new.  What you tried didn’t work?  Great!  Try something else!

And do these same things for others… giving them grace and permission to lean into their own schedules by mutual agreement to expectations. 

Leaders, set the example.  Want someone to help you take small steps to help you develop the habits and behaviors you want to instill in others?  

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