The Heart of Any Good Business

Curious, hardworking, innovative people are the heart of any good business.  When you add kindness and sensitivity to the mix, your organization stands to go from “good” to “great”. Leaders absolutely want their teams to show kindness to their co-workers and be reasonably sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.  But what about the teams?  Shouldn’t they be able to expect kindness and sensitivity from their leaders?  The teams want and need (and deserve) to be recognized for their contribution to an organization.  After all, they drive business results. 

The type of business results realized typically depends on how an organization treats its people.

Unfortunately, too many organizations tend to look at people as a line item, on the expense side of the budget.  In truth, people are an investment, not a cost.  People have the potential to drive profitability, and they can do so much more than A.I. or other technology.

My last corporate position was leading a global human resources team, and I engaged with that group more deeply than with previous teams.  We had daily morning huddles consisting of 30 seconds each to share our individual daily focus, request assistance, or provide praise for another teammate. At the end of the week, we reviewed our successes and lessons learned, and planned for the next week’s projects, including noting potential challenges.  Monthly, we took a deep dive into how the department’s strategy aligned to the overall business strategy. 

The team enjoyed and flourished in this environment. Each team member was fully aware of their contribution to and impact on the success of the programs we helped support. Communication grew beyond our department; we strengthened relationships with hiring managers, front-line supervisors, and the executive team. Each of the HR 5-year strategy initiatives were realized year-over-year because the team was engaged.

How can you ensure you’re doing what it takes to engage and optimize your talented people?

Focus on People

  • Communicate with employees frequently and transparently, listening to understand, not to respond. Encourage others to communicate openly with you as well. Recognize individual needs and, where possible, find ways to accommodate them. Be on the lookout for signs of anxiety and stress, and make sure your employees know you care.
  • Proactively reinforce inclusiveness with remote and hybrid teams. Team leaders can solicit input from everyone in each meeting and go a step farther by recognizing and rewarding teams and individuals for innovative and inclusive actions.
  • For teams to be able to effectively support strategy and achieve overall goals, it is imperative they are made aware of any changes. Continually communicate and discuss the purpose of the strategy, why it matters, and how it aligns with organizational values.
  • Help all stakeholders see the future of the company. Include their importance to the success of achieving the goals and how their contribution matters.

One key is a year-end (fiscal or calendar) intentional review of your organization’s strategy. 

British statesman Winston Churchill warned us that [t]hose that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Looking back is important to recognize the accomplishments, consider the lessons learned, and develop the next strategic step that adjusts and aligns to these important lessons.  If you need help with a starting place or a particular strategy area, I’ve shared a few additional ideas in recent weeks: Conduct a Strategic Review. Evaluate Leadership Competencies and Alignment to the Strategic Plan. Proactively Support Execution.

Strategic planning pertains to more than profit and loss, revenue, or gross margin. It must include the people who drive the organization’s initiatives and execute the plan to completion.

Think about how you are finishing out this year and launching into the new one. While you plan for the financial successes of your business, provide opportunities for your team to embrace, engage with, and execute the plans.

Want to look at your organization differently? Take the initiative and touch base with me. I’ll help you find your path to reach your full potential. And we’ll have fun on the journey of discovery.

Let’s move forward. Together.


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P.P.S. With over three decades of professional experience in corporate operations and executive human resources, I am a proven results-driven leader. My expertise includes strategy, change management, talent management and organizational development, employee relations, and executive and leadership coaching. I am a highly effective communicator and team leader with demonstrated ability to build long-term relationships across internal and external customer environments built with integrity, confidence, authenticity, and trust.