Everyone talks about moving forward.  We all want to make progress and get things done.  No one is sure exactly how all that works, but this one thing we all know:  You can’t move forward by standing in place.  So what keeps us from making headway? 

Moving forward means taking a risk, and many of us equate risk with failure.  We all know someone who has a nightmare story about trying something and failing spectacularly.  No one wants a repeat of that!  So we file the information away, and slowly but surely, our mindsets, unconscious biases, and past experiences relating to risk cause us to pause, hesitate, or decline to take action.

Are there other options?  What if we could change our mindset by redefining risk?  What if, rather than believing “risk” is a synonym for “failure,” we admit risk is actually synonymous with getting out of our safe zones.

We all need a degree of safe zones, but leadership is not safe… nor is it intended to be.  Leaders are expected to understand risks, are required to take risks, and are held to a higher standard of accountability because they are empowered to make decisions. And, you guessed it, all decisions have some level of risk.

John Maxwell is quoted as saying, If you're not failing, you're probably not really moving forward. Putting all your effort into avoiding loss and/or turning your face away from the future does not guarantee success.  In fact, limiting opportunities placed before you in hopes of minimizing risk simply limits your (and your team’s) ability to do great things. 

Maximizing the opposition and minimizing the opportunities jeopardizes the objective.  You’re a leader.  Go forward, with courage and confidence, and do the task that is necessary.  Take the risk. 

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