2020 has been a crazy, chaotic, weird, uncertain whirlwind of unknowns, and – thankfully – we are closing in on the final weeks.  Many people and organizations typically use these weeks to close out projects and reflect on the past year. 

If that sounds both wonderful AND overwhelming (I mean, who can face one more thing this year, right?), here are a few ways to settle the noise and focus on what 2020 really was to your organization, which can lead to clearer thinking around your 2021 strategy and beyond.

  1. R – Recognize the organization’s, your team’s, and even your own achievements and contributions throughout the year. This year was unlike anything we’ve seen before, and we all have a laundry list of things that went wrong (pandemic, sickness, politics, and lost clients/revenue for starters).  But instead of thinking only about the negatives, be intentional to recognize the good, usual and unusual, that also occurred and use these events to plan for future success.
  2. E – Engage your team in conversations about lessons learned in 2020, setting up for success in the coming years. Be open to their input.  Be curious.  Ask clarifying questions. Turn off the electronic equipment so you can be fully present and engaged in the conversation.
  3. C – Connect with your team in new and different ways. Have you ever asked team members how you can best serve them and support their development?  Lean in to discuss what they do best (from their perspective and yours).  From those discussions, identify a plan with specific actions for each of you to take toward attaining their goals and development aspirations.  Ask for their input on what you do well and what they feel might be a growth area for you (this helps in identifying your own personal development goals). Again, no electronics; be fully present and engaged in the conversation. 
  4. A – Advocate for best practices. We’ve all learned a lot this year – some things didn’t work, while others turned out better than expected.  Build on these lessons to adapt best practices within each team and department that will ultimately flow into having best practices throughout the organization. This is a great time to realign, restate, and reimplement guiding behaviors and performance expectations.
  5. P – Promote your company’s values, mission, and vision as you close out 2020. Ask your employees to re-center by reminding themselves why they chose the work they do.  Celebrate getting through this year and reflect on how the challenges have made the organization stronger. 

Decide now how you want to finish this year.  Regardless of revenue, profits, and business results, RECAP what was important and what will be important going into 2021.  Celebrate the victories.  Appreciate the lessons learned.  Honor the memories.  And be prepared to take bold, new steps into another year of uncertainty. 

Unsure where to start?  Let’s chat. 


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