Habit 1 of 7

When evaluating their own leadership skills, effectiveness, and growth opportunities, leaders may take a variety of things into account: e.g., personal and team performance, delivery of objectives, emotional intelligence, and executive presence, etc.  One area of great importance is often overlooked: What leadership habits are regularly displayed?

Over the next seven weeks, we’ll uncover a specific habit per week to consider implementing or refining for continued personal growth.

Habit No. 1: Hinting and Complaining

Leaders are responsible for providing guidance to those they employ.  Two ineffective methods of “providing guidance” are hinting and complaining.  Hinting, not stating what you really want, directly opposes complaining. When a leader hints about tasks that need to be completed by a direct report, peer, or even manager, it often comes across as though the leader is afraid to directly ask for what needs to be done.  Complaining is a negative communication approach which, again, does not always properly convey their desires.

Heathier Habit: Voice what you need, stating your expectation of completion and appropriate due date.  Be concise.  Be clear.  Be kind.  Remove your attitude from the request and consider the tone of your request.

Recognizing when you hint or complain is a first step in building upon your leadership skills.

I can help you intentionally identify your habits, in this case, how often and under what circumstances you hint or complain, to help you grow into a truly excellent leader.  Let’s chat!


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