Fact or Fabrication?

My dog ate my homework. There’s probably not a day that goes by that some student somewhere doesn’t try that excuse in an effort to avoid missing recess, detention, the teacher making good on the promise to call your parents, or whatever threat of punishment has been laid out.  We laugh because no one ever believes such a silly excuse, right?

We, of course, would use far more grown-up words; we call them “explanations,” and we expect others to believe us, much the same way the student was hoping the teacher would buy the age-old line.  How about some of these:

My team loves it when I tweak their work.  I assess myself accurately. I know how I’m perceived.  I’m self-confident, not arrogant.  I’m a great listener.  Sharing feelings makes me look weak. Any problem ignored long enough will go away.  Everything depends on me.  I welcome and encourage new ideas.  I talk mission, vision, and values.

Hmmm... For most of us, someone we’ve worked with comes to mind as we read each of these “explanations.” We knew our co-worker was the only one believing these fabrications. Are we brave enough to admit we have excused ourselves and our behavior using some of those same words?  I’m certainly guilty of some, if not all, of that blindness at one point or another in my career.

It’s so tempting and easy to fabricate a story when you’re worried about how the truth may sound – or make you look – to others.  Be honest ... How often have you told yourself a false statement because it was easier than speaking and stepping into the truth?

Truth doesn’t have to hurt, be scary, or be hidden behind lies.

In fact, recognizing and stepping into truth can increase your confidence and allow you to accept what you are truly capable of achieving.

Three simple statements can be a start to realigning self-perception.

  • One fabrication that I tell myself is...
  • The truth is actually a little closer to...
  • Acknowledging my reality allows me to ...

When we seek out and accept the truth, we become better versions of ourselves.  It takes courage to face the truth, especially when you fear being overwhelmed by the consequences.  Living in dread of the imagined is frequently much worse than whatever actually comes to pass. 

Need help with your self-perception?  Take the initiative and touch base with me.  I’ll help you find your path to reach your full potential. And we’ll have fun on the journey of discovery.

Let’s move forward.  Together.


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