Best Workplace E.V.E.R.!

When you work, as I do, with a myriad of companies in almost as many different industries, you will find both thriving and struggling companies.  You’ll also find there are specific similarities for those who are thriving.  One is that everyone defines the organization as a “great workplace” – leaders and staff alike. 

What makes somewhere a great workplace? 

  1. They have a great culture. They have fun, aren’t afraid to fail forward, and empower their employees to make decisions and contribute to the success of the organization.
  2. They provide great training and development programs for everyone. This includes leadership coaching for all leaders – sometimes in the form of group coaching.
  3. They celebrate their wins, sometimes specifically by an individual contributor and other times collectively by a team, department, or project.
  4. They are great predictors of the future and aren’t afraid to adjust the strategic direction when necessary. They’ll typically anticipate customer needs before their customers even realize they need them.
  5. They function on a universal technology platform that gives the necessary data, is user friendly, and can be easily updated to strategy changes, project adjustments, and team alignment.

Leaders, you have the makings of a great workplace

  • when your employees love to work at your organization and are proud of their contributions;
  • when they get the development opportunities not found elsewhere;
  • when successes (big and small) are celebrated;
  • when failures are looked at as lessons learned and growth opportunities (and not for punitive measures);
  • when they understand the trends of the industry, economy, and “larger picture” and can take an active role in solidifying future outcomes; and
  • when they have the tools, technology, and resources to rock it…

A great workplace shows – internally and externally.  Your customers are more satisfied because your employees are more satisfied. 

What makes a great company happen?  The right strategy aligned with the right people who have the right behaviors, skills, and attitudes.

It can be done because it has been done – I see it in many of my clients’ workplaces.

Becoming “The Best Workplace” is not a small feat and takes time, effort, and complete alignment from the executive team.  Do you have an organization that reflects a great culture, driven by organizational development, powered by empowered, future-focused employees, and built on a solid technology foundation?  

You can start by looking at your employee base, how you recruit, hire, onboard, and retain: click here to hire intentionally (click the “start for free” icon to get started).  If you’re employees already rock it and you’re ready to take your team to the next level, click here to build (and grow) your team intentionally.

As a leader in your organization, designing and communicating your vision is a necessity for sustainability.  Culture, organizational development, empowerment, and providing the right tools are required to build the “best workplace”. 

Building your best workplace can feel daunting.  Let me help you.  I provide consulting powered by software.  Let’s chat.


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P.P. S. With over three decades of professional experience in corporate operations and executive human resources, I am a proven results-driven leader. My expertise includes strategy, change management, talent management and organizational development, employee relations, and executive and leadership coaching. I am a highly effective communicator and team leader with demonstrated ability to build long-term relationships across internal and external customer environments built with integrity, confidence, authenticity, and trust.