Talent Triage – Defining Success

Over the last few weeks, I polled my LinkedIn colleagues with a few different statements, all referring to their people strategy.  The series was called “Talent Triage” and each poll provided a 1-5 rating to respond to that week’s statement: 1 never, 2 infrequently, 3 sometimes, 4 often, and 5 always.

The results were not surprising, though I had dared to hope for a different outcome.

We’ll look at each poll separately: the statement along with the ratings and then I’ll provide some solutions that may benefit in your company’s Hiring Strategy.

Statement 1: Gaining alignment with multiple stakeholders during the hiring process is tricky: each person has their own definition of what success is.

Response: Fifty percent (50%) stated infrequently while the other 50% stated often.  In this case, it seems that some organizations do well with identifying “success,” while others do not.

Hiring the “right” person has always been a challenge.  Regardless of the industry, the season, the political landscape, or the economic situation, hiring has been, and remains to be, a more difficult aspect of business.  Candidates look great on paper, they are coached to answer interview questions thoughtfully, and they allude to experience and expertise that cannot be established in an interview setting.

Alignment is key to success and every company in any industry must be able define success across every level of their organization.  Where to start?  With your “mission”.  Today’s employees – who were once candidates – want to know the “why” behind their work.  Money and benefits are not enough because your employees – and those prospective employees – want to be part of something bigger.

The good news is that business is all about solving problems.  If you can’t answer the following three questions with certainty, taking intentional time to do so will help you recruit for and retain talent.

  1. What problem do you solve?
  2. What solution do you provide?
  3. Can every person in your organization answer the first two questions in the same way?

When you get this aspect of your company right, everything else follows suit.  Revenue grows, productivity improves, employee engagement boosts, and profitability increases.  

Are you ready to align your stakeholders on what success means… to attract and retain excellent talent that grows your business?  With 30-years of business experience, including global human resources expertise, I’m here to serve you.  Let’s chat.


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