Coaching for Leaders


Coaching for Your Team

Learn to effectively engage in crucial conversations, address derailing behavior, and control the scattered thoughts that stand in the way of advancement. Reconnect with what motivates you – within your business and your personal life.



The quality of leadership has a direct and lasting impact on your business, effecting employee engagement, productivity and retention, and revenue growth. Providing coaching for your team can improve leadership skills and enhance performance and can increase impact and influence within the team, as well as companywide. 

Engaging in coaching increases self-awareness and emotional intelligence, fostering a greater commitment to accountability towards achieving results more quickly and effectively.


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Ask me about Shadowmatch or Standout 2.0:


Shadowmatch is used for precision recruitment, understanding the unique behavior of an individual, for development of employees and teams, leadership identification, succession planning, redeployment of staff, coaching, relationship management (at home or work), and day-to-day management of staff. 


StandOut, powered by ADP®, is our approach for turning talent into performance, by seamlessly infusing coaching and technology. StandOut challenges the status quo through a research-based approach designed to create the outcomes that matter. 



"Coaching provides the foundation for increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which foster greater commitment to accountability in order to help achieve results more quickly and communicate more effectively."